What is PunchFiT?

A kickboxing class focused on high intensity combinations using Focus Pads, "BOB" and partner work. This class takes some coordination but that's part of the challenge, our experienced instructors will help you improve your skills while you get a heart pumping workout.

PunchFiT & Fitness Programs

  1. PunchFiT(tm)

    PUNCH, KICK and STRIKE "BOB" (Realistic Body Opponent Bag) at increasing intervals, providing you an excellent core and cardiovascular workout. This total body bag & BOB workout is fun and fast paced creating a challenge for both beginners and experienced participants, all the while building endurance, strength, flexibility and shaping your body.  This unique workout will create a total body workout, while focusing on advancing skills in striking, coordination and toning your body. An excellent stress buster! Challenge yourself with this intense fitness class aimed at further skill development, improving your cardiovascular health, flexibility and strength. 45 minute duration.

  2. Tai Chi
    Not only a martial art, but also widely acknowledged as an effective health exercise. Its controlled, slow-moving yet powerful movements promote fitness, develop strength and endurance and bring about a total mind/body awareness and integration -.Contact us for schedule options
  1. Bootcamps

    Full-body bootcamp training. Experienced instructors push you to improve your health, tone your body and stay in shape. Get ready to mix it up with back to basics and moves that will have your body begging for more.

  2. CoreFiT(tm) Bootcamps
    A class dedicated on improving that oh-so- hard to target midsection. You will work and tone the muscles that not only help develop a rock hard powerhouse but more importantly work to stabilize your spine and pelvis. This class will balance your body by improving your posture, strength and endurance through a continually evolving workout.

  3. Personal Training
    Dedicated instructor will tailor make a program to help you set and achieve your personal goals.  Well thought out and diligent with its execution our personal training will help you take your fitness to the next level.

Fitness Classes